Things to keep in mind while designing a front office

January 13, 2017

Front office is the face of every business. You can level up your game if you have a great looking front office. Keeping the interiors on point is the key to any successful design. Front office gives the first impression of your company. Let the front office do the communication with your potential client. There are certain ideas that can make your front office stand out. In this article, we try and explain what those are.

Be Precise

Your front office should speak precisely and with clarity what your company is about. The space should be simple but should reflect the activities going behind the office. Don’t stack design materials in the name of luxury; any design materials which doesn’t serves the purpose should be avoided, overdoing anything is always an unprofessional thing to do.

Make Lighting your First Preference

Natural lighting is one of the best and cheapest sources of light. It has its own perks; Natural lighting is a proven method to improve mood, cultivates positivity within and highlights the details of designed materials. Make artificial lights which compliment the key color of the interior.

When planning which artificial light color should go with the interiors, always keep in mind that the light should not be a problem for reading, working,. Choose colors which projects the details of design elements .

Create a Unique Reception Desk

Reception desk is the back bone of front office. Invest on getting the right look and feel to the reception desk. Organize everything in the desk from computers to telephones and ask yourself a question, will the client use the desk for longer time or just momentarily and plan the desk accordingly.

The second important element is the waiting room; analyze the client and make the room more youth oriented if your targeted client is young. A comfy couch and hangings of company motto will serve the purpose.

Remember, if you can make the front office engaging enough, you have been already sold. Keep these points in mind before you design a front office. In case you are looking for the right interior designer in Dubai to revamp your front office, talk to us at Interfit Interiors today!