Trend using the look of Natural Concrete Instead of Hiding It

November 29, 2016

Utilizes the natural concrete structure quite well and blends it in with the overall theme of the decor. This apartment is located on the top-most floor of a building developed in the mid 1960’s. It is located near Venice, in San Dona di Piave. The penthouse studio flat faces a beautiful view of the Piave River in the distance behind the tree-tops. It also has a large terrace with a gorgeous south-easternly view.

The dwelling offers fully upgraded technological programs and are in term with the most up to date power efficiency standards. This offers both all-season comforts in a wide range of temperatures. It was designed from the get-go to be an open space with the outdoor terrace in mind. In summer or springtime, the terrace turns into an extension of the viewing room, allowing even more breathtaking views of the Piave River.

We can see the internal atmosphere uses the natural tangible framework quite well and combinations it in with the overall concept of the decorations. The shades coordinate well with what one would normally believe to be unpleasant tangible support beams. The wood flooring even emphasize the look to create it appear more distinct. Overall, everything combine together to create a definitely wonderful inside penthouse.

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